Australian Real Estate Investors travelling to the US Require Authorisation under ESTA visa waiver

Traveling to the USA as an Australian Real Estate Investor can seem complicated, especially when you find out that there are special documents that you need for this type of travel. However, getting them is actually rather easy and the complicated names that come along with the entire process should not be off putting at all.

Anyone who wants to go to the USA either for an event related to the real estate development industry or anything similar to it, knows that they need a visa or some other form of permission to enter the country. What most investors don’t know is that an electronic form of clearance and visa issuing is actually preferred and required for most travelers. This is known as the ESTA visa USA program and is something that all travelers must complete before they leave on their trips.

Once the paperwork has been filled out for this type of visa, the person is either approved or denied. People who are approved are eligible to board transportation to the USA, but may still be denied entry if they have lied on their forms or if they cause any other problems arise. However, most people who are accepted under this scheme find that they are allowed into the country without any problems.

Anyone who has a passport that has been updated with the E-passport chip is eligible to apply for this scheme. Anyone who has a passport that has not been updated, as can be seen on the front cover of their passport, will need to apply through other means.

It is recommended to start the application for the ESTA at least 3 weeks before departure, and the ESTA is valid for a whole year. These is no problem with submitting the paperwork early and then cancelling a trip or going at a later date. In fact, people are encouraged to submit their paperwork ahead of time, ensuring that it will be fully processed by the time that they are ready to travel.

The paperwork requires information about where your live, how old you are, who lives with you, where you have traveled in the past, and what you intend to do on your visit. You do not need to have information about the exact dates of your visit or the exact location where you will be staying. However, this information will be needed when you proceed through customs.

The ESTA process is the same no matter what mode of travel is being used. The information can be completed online, but any Australian or New Zealand citizen who does not feel comfortable with their own ability to understand legal paperwork can find a third party company such as ESTA Visa who will help them get through the information without much trouble, including how to apply for USA Visa Waiver in Australia.

Overall, applying for the ESTA Visa USA as an Australian real estate developer is simple and easy, making it relatively stress free to come in and out of the USA. The paperwork only needs to be done once a year in order to get the ESTA through, making it easy to plan ahead and to avoid running into problems with not completing it on a set schedule.