Joe Nahas and Jamie Durie Join Forces For The Development Of 8 Phillip Street in Parramatta

Coronation Property Managing Director Joe Nahas and the renowned international designer and media personality Jamie Durie work together to develop the iconic 55-storey luxury tower, the ‘8 Phillip Street’ in Parramatta.

The public sales of the residential building’s stage 1 have been a success and Coronation Property managed to secure around $110 million. About 200 expressions of interest were received prior to the launch of the public sales. The strong response was attributed to the exquisite offerings of the building, its location, its design, and the value for money that it offers to potential buyers. Interested parties can choose between studios, sub-penthouses and penthouses. The starting price of a studio is $455,000, $605,000 for a one bedroom plus study, $795,000 for a two-bedroom plus study, and $1,310,000 for a three-bedroom plus study.

Joseph Nahas led the successful public sales and said the company is expecting more transactions as people flock to their project gallery and display apartment in droves. Nahas also expressed the company’s excitement in collaborating with a world-class talent like Jamie Durie. He stressed that the design of the residential tower was so unique especially with all the recessed layout, openness, gleaming glass to name a few. It was only natural for Coronation Property to look for someone who can bring that level of uniqueness and lavishness to the garden areas. Fortunately, they came across Jamie Durie’s remarkable talent. Joe Nahas added that Durie’s planned design matched Coronation Property’s vision for the building’s façade. It has the exceptional and inviting design that the company wanted and the homey feel that it can give to all of the residents of the building.

Meanwhile, Jamie Durie also expressed how ecstatic he was to be working with Coronation Property and other heavy weights like Woods Bagot for the development of 8 Phillip Street. Durie and his partners at Durie Design have developed and completed various projects in different parts of the globe. These include the Singapore Bay Foreshore, Sheraton Salobre Resort Spain, Albarari in Dubai, and Australia’s very own Hayman Island Resort.
Durie said he wishes to apply his “Transterior” philosophy in the project. It basically means “bringing the outside in and the inside out.” When asked for more details he said he plans to bring the Australian style of living to the tower’s entrance, rooftop bar, pool terrace, and street scape. He wants to soften the exterior lines of the tower by setting up vertical gardens in front. He also wants incorporate a dramatic flair by creating a five-storey high trapeze garden, which will highlight a suspended landscape.

Durie will also use selected lateral foliage, which will require minimal amounts of air and water and no soil at all. He also wants to integrate a feeling of warm luxury and the amalgamation of architecture and garden by utilizing brass. The vertical landscape, built to withstand strong winds, will provide that homey, inviting, warm, and lavish feeling to all those who enter into, reside in, and visit the luxury tower. He noted his plans of cross collaboration between the materials used. He will be utilizing vertical mullions, brass rods, trapeze bars, and planter boxes. He will also place some exclusive and ancient Australian native trees. Doing so will help the tower highlight Australia’s history, culture, and heritage.Durie wants to merge the landscape with the hardscape, an idea that only a few can actually bring into fruition.

He was also proud to say that he will create the finest rooftop garden in Parramatta. He said it will be a place where people can get together. He plans to make it “a garden to live in and not just to look at.”