Mark McCrindle’s Take On The Hills’ Adaptation Of A Café Culture

A renowned social researcher and demographer, Mark McCrindle said people should embrace the high-rise living in The Hills instead of fearing it. The Metro Norwest station,Bella Vista, Showground Rd and Castle Hill spurred the “densification” of the area. They all triggered a café culture. Furthermore, these kinds of businesses are playing an important role in enticing potential investors and in improving the vibrancy of the place. McCrindle added said young professionals would eventually flock into this location because of the new “precincts,” which will provide them with a “walkabout” lifestyle. Local would also get the opportunity to experience luxurious apartment living.

Different brands and various kinds of businesses ranging from boutique providers to delis would flock The Hills as they begin to target young and well-paid professionals in the area. The Hills is starting to transform and it is beginning to see the rise of several cafes and small bars in the area. Furthermore, it would soon have a brand new outdoor piazza after the redevelopment of the old Castle Hill Public School, a project that is part of the Castle Tower’s rejuvenation.

McCrindle was very vocal of his optimism during his interview with The Daily Telegraph. His excitement and optimism at what is happening in The Hills are very evident. McCrindle added that people would start to visit inner city destinations like Newtown, Leichardt, Darlinghurst and Surry Hills as well as to locations such as Crows Nest and North Sydney. All of these would be enough to draw in the attention of the young and sophisticated professionals into The Hills. Furthermore, the Castle Hill would also see the establishment of boutique food outlets, which would surely improve the liveliness of Newtown and Leichardt. The apartment living in The Hills would also resemble that of Crows Nest or Pyrmont.

McCrindle also said we should expect the emergence of eatstreets in the area. For instance, good restaurants and eateries have started to show up in locations like Terminus St in Castle Hill and Lexington Drive in Bella Vista. As of writing, there are 10 restaurants in long terminus Street and around the same volume of eating establishments have been set up in the Lexington Drive area.McCrindle listed four of the most visited eateries these days including the Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill include Youeni Food Store, the newly opened Spidar, Crooked Tailor and The Lane Wine and Tapas Bar nestled between 250 and 270 Old Northern Rd.

More job opportunities would also be opened as The Hills undergoes this remarkable transformation. The area will not only become more attractive to investors but, also offer better living to the entire community. It will draw in more investors and also lure businessmen to open more outlets. Aside from that, The Hills is expected to show its entrepreneurial spirit continuously while boosting the demand for education campuses, sports complexes, and new cultural precincts.