Safety Tips For Construction Sites

Construction sites can be very dangerous and you need to be aware of this as the person in charge.  Fortunately, there are many safety tips that you can use on your construction site which will make everyone safer.  Some of tips might seem like common sense, but they still need to be implemented.


Getting In And Out Of Equipment


When it comes to construction equipment, the most common cause of injury will actually be the operator getting in and out of them.  To avoid these injuries, you should ensure that your employees know to take certain steps before getting in and out of the equipment.  The first thing they should always do is check their boots and gloves for any slippery substances which could cause them to fall.


They should also always have a foot or hand hold before they hoist themselves into the equipment.  Operators should also be told that they should never hop up or down on equipment and that they should take their time.  The use of a step ladder might be necessary for some situations to ensure that everyone is safe.



Wearing Personal Protective Equipment


When on a construction site, it is important that you wear the right clothing and protective gear.  The protective equipment that employees should be wearing will vary depending on the tasks they are completing.  If someone is working with dangerous tools, they need to wear gloves and goggles.


Non-slip rubber footwear should be worn by all people on the construction site to ensure that they do not slip.  If someone is lifting heavy objects, they should look at a back brace to prevent any damage to their body.  Safety harnesses should also be worn when working in high places.


Safely Loading And Unloading Equipment


When you are loading and unloading equipment, there is always a chance of it rolling and injuring someone.  This is why you need to take care and ensure that all ramps are clear and straight.  You also need to ensure that employees leave enough room between them and the equipment being loaded or unloaded.  This space ensures that they can get out of danger should something happen.


You should also have rules stating that unloading and loading should never be done alone.  A spotter can be invaluable when it comes to loading or unloading equipment safely.  Having clear tie-down procedures is also important to endure that equipment does not hurt anyone when you start to remove it.


Crowded Work Areas


One of the biggest issues that construction site managers face is crowding in work areas.  This is a major issue when large machinery is being used because people will often gather to watch the machinery in action.  There is generally no particular reason for this, but it will increase the potential exposure to injury.


If large machinery is being used, you have to set a safe perimeter on the ground.  This ensures that employees will not be injured if they are watching the machinery.  This perimeter should be enforced in all safety meetings that are held. If you have any issues with your employer, seek the advice of a professional employment law firm.