Why You Should Use Alistair Kelsall If You Need A Buyers Agent

If you would like to hire a buyers agent to help you acquire a property, you will be able to find many of them in the Brisbane area. These professionals are appointed by those using their services to purchase properties that they would like to acquire. Buyers agents are governed by the Office of Fair Trade, and can be very beneficial when purchasing properties in the area. They may have knowledge of properties that are not publicly listed, some of which can be purchased for very low prices, allowing any investor to benefit from their inside knowledge. If you would like to hire a buyers agent, it is highly recommended that you use Alistair Kelsall. Here is a quick overview of who Alistair Kelsall is, and why you should take advantage of his professional services.

Who Is Alistair Kelsall?

He is the owner of Investate, a company that is based in Queensland. He has an office in western Australia where he is the licensee and director of this company. Alistair has many credentials including qualifications in property finance. He is also licensed to do financial planning and conduct real estate transactions. He has been a property finance specialist for quite some time, an individual that is highly skilled at evaluating properties. He has worked extensively in Southeast Queensland, so if you would like to start investing in properties in this area, Alistair is a professional that you need.

How He Can Help You Purchase Properties

Alistair Kelsall uses the 8 Point Selection Process which allows him to purchase properties that will be profitable for his clients. He also utilizes additional services to ensure every client that he can help them find the best prices on real estate that is available. He does not require any upfront fees, and will only receive payment if his clients are 100% satisfied with the property and the transaction. He has been in this business for 17 years, and has first-hand knowledge of doing transactions in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. Alistair will also provide unique property reports so that you can see why he would recommend certain properties. He also has virtual tours and property tours that he can provide for all of his clients.

How To Start Working With Alistair Kelsall

By going to his website and clicking on the Contact Me button, you can submit your personal information. By submitting your name, email, phone number, your location, and the information that you want to send him, he can start working with you right away. His business is open Monday through Saturday, and you can also contact him by phone. If you have been looking for a buyers agent that can help you purchase profitable properties, Alistair Kelsall it is the professional that you should contact.

If you are going to start investing in properties in and around Brisbane, go to alistairkelsall.com.au and contact him today. He will provide you with many different options for properties that are currently available. The entire process will be handled by him, requiring you to only approve the purchase of properties that he is recommending. This will make it very easy for you to simply use money that you have to invest in the best real estate deals available in Brisbane and all throughout Queensland.